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Expert Tips to Create Your Perfect Kitchen - Complete guide

The kitchen triangle or working zone is the most important element in a kitchen. In this triangle, there are three basic working elements: the refrigerator, the sink, and the hob or cooktop. The arrangement of these three elements should be like this.

You cook any meal and you usually take the ingredients from the refrigerator, wash, and prepare them near the sink and then further proceed to the cooking.

Calculation of the working triangle:

Depending on the kitchen style, size and design, each triangle should be at least 1220 mm to 2700 mm, and the sum should be 3960 mm to 7920 mm. This may vary according to design styles.*

Kitchen triangle

Common mistakes to avoid while designing kitchens -

Kitchen design mistake to avoid

kitchen working flow

Standard Kitchen Sizes and Types of Kitchen -

Single wall kitchen

In this type of kitchen, all the upper cabinets, lower cabinets and working zones are arranged or lined up against one single wall. The refrigerator and the hob are placed at the end, and in between these two zones, there is a sink with a dishwasher. The colour of the lower cabinets is dark, and a lighter colour is featured on the upper cabinets.

L-shaped kitchen

The L-shaped kitchen is designed to maximize storage, facilitate the work triangle and make cooking, cleanup and traffic as simple as possible in any size kitchen.

U-Shaped kitchen

The U-shaped kitchen is a continuous kitchen layout in which the cabinets and fixtures are installed along three adjacent

walls. More preparation space is provided in the given design.

Galley kitchen

A galley kitchen consists of two platforms, which are placed parallel to each other and form a corridor in between to work. The galley kitchen design can make a space more inviting and can improve the overall traffic flow between the working zones.

Peninsula Kitchen

A peninsula kitchen can be used to install more storage, though it is also used for additional preparation. Plus, adding chairs will have it function as a breakfast nook.

Different types of kitchen units - Kitchen elements -

Choosing or designing the kitchen units according to the client’s requirements is crucial. The overall look or the design of the kitchen depends on the units. There are three basic categories of kitchen units: base units, wall units and tall units. Before planning or designing the kitchen, it is important to learn different types of units and their functions. Having no knowledge of kitchen units and directly jumping on the placement can make the kitchen worse in terms of its function and design. Base units gives us the easy access to everyday items and enough storage space to store utensils and other cooking materials. Wall units are used to store and display materials, and they’re generally very heavy, hence requiring proper installation. Tall units, namely cabinets, can be used as a pantry. You can decide on adjustable fittings like shelves and drawers in the tall units according to your needs.

Base units in kitchen

Wall and Tall units in kitchen

Kitchen storage -

Storage - cooking

Storage - sink and wet preparation

Different types of worktop edges -

Kitchen worktop edges are essential because if the water spills on the countertop, it’ll drip down to the floor instead of directly towards your cabinets. The edges are designed in such a way that they are easy to clean and safe for the user with no sharp edges. The selection of worktop edges should be done with respect to your kitchen style. Worktop edges are the final finishing touch for your kitchen.

Worktop edges

Modern kitchen style -

The modern kitchen is a type of kitchen in which all the kitchen units and appliances are left unadorned. Use of materials

like stainless steel, concrete and wood can all be layered together. The modern kitchen is all about creating a clean, open

and functional design. Given below is an example of a modern kitchen style, which is in an L-shape, also known as an

L-shaped kitchen, as we have seen previously. There are different elements and appliances in it: a ventilation hood, double built-in ovens, a hob, a side-by-side refrigerator, a dishwasher and an island with a sink in it.

modern kitchen style

Traditional style -

traditional kitchen style

Contemporary kitchen style -

Contemporary kitchen style

Kitchen design floorplans with attached pantry -

Kitchen, dining and pantry floorplan

Kitchen, dining and pantry floorplan

perspective view of kitchen with an attached pantry


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07 Sketches
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