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What's inside:
Architectural Images

The Essential Guide to Architecture and Interior Designing

  • Over 198+ pages
  • Tips & techniques
  • Over 5000 copies sold


What you will learn?

You'll gain comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the fundamental principles of architectural and interior design, enabling you to develop practical and aesthetically pleasing designs. You'll also learn about interior space planning, including the best practices for maximizing the functionality and flow of different areas within a building.

Moreover, you'll explore how to arrange various elements in different rooms to create a harmonious and balanced space that meets the needs of its occupants. Whether it's selecting furniture, lighting, or color schemes, you'll discover the key principles behind creating visually appealing and functional spaces.

This book is ideal for someone who is an architect, interior designer, student or interested in the creative aspects of architectural design, hence you can refer this book in your designing journey.

In depth knowledge on Space planning, standard dimensions, room essentials, do's and don'ts and much more.

What people say:

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