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Different staircase types and designs you need to know

The staircase is an essential element of a building, which is required to connect two or more floors with each other. We can see staircases inside different buildings. In houses, we see staircases in foyers, in great rooms, in living rooms, in front of the porch, in the backyard, etc. Designing a staircase according to the guidelines and building code is important as well as for safety purposes. Staircases have traditionally been built out of materials such as wood, granite, marble, iron, aluminium, etc. Basically, staircases typically contain these major elements: handrail, post, riser, tread, nosing, baluster (if required) and many more. Given below are some standard sizes and dimensions for the staircase. Note: This may differ in different regions according to their building code.

Standards and recommended design strategies you can follow

Design elements and measurements -

Different elements

Minimum heights

Different handrail designs - Handrails are crucial in staircases. Handrails are also called banisters. Without handrails, one might fall, which is why choosing and designing handrails is essential. These are some safety tips for rails: Make sure rails are attached properly. Rails should be made out of durable material. The rail should be easy to grip.

Cable with metal handrail

glass handrail

Wooden handrail

Cable railing typically consists of cable. Cable railing is very strong, attractive and low-maintenance. The maximum cable spacing should be around 76.2 mm, though this may vary. Installing glass railings allows one to enjoy unobstructed views from anywhere. Glass railings are superior, as they are both rust- and decay-free. It looks stylish and enhances the beauty of any building. Wood railing is maintanence-free. The elegance of wood is unmatched by anything else. The minimum distance from one baluster to the other is around 99 mm.

Different types of staircases - There are many types of staircases, such as straight staircases, circular staircases, L-shaped staircases, stairs with a bookshelf, stairs with a closet beneath, three-quarter staircases and many more. Choosing the right staircase that your home deserves is important. Given below are some different types of labelled drawings shown.

Staircase type - perspective and plan view

Staircase type - perspective and plan view

Staircase type - perspective and plan view


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Agaba Isaac Kakuru
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