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Steal these useful living room design ideas for your next project - 07sketches

Basic living room arrangements and layouts -

Seating arrangements



Common mistakes to avoid while placing rug/carpet -

Rug/Carpet placement

Living rooms - colour scheme with different configurations and furniture pieces

While designing the living room, select a type of personality that will blend with your house or with di#erent rooms. Add interesting elements on the accent wall, and use a full wall curtain to make the space feel bigger. Use a rug/carpet that is based on the colour scheme of the room. Add some contrasting pillows on the sofa, add indoor plants, and you will get good results of the overall space.

Living room design color scheme

Color scheme

Color scheme

Same configuration and furniture pieces with different styles -

Traditional Style - In the traditional style, there are several elements that look classical. Use of materials such as bronze and warm colour selections for furniture pieces help to enhance the classical view. The door trim and all the furniture pieces are also carved out in such a way that everything blends together. The traditional style varies region to region. In this room, all the seating elements have the same material and colour. The console table, coffee table and dining table are carved out similar to that of other furniture pieces, like workspace cabinets, etc. The accent wall is decorated with mirror and indoor plants.

Traditional Style

Modern Style - The modern style eliminates unnecessary detailing. The flooring is bright in colour, and therefore, each space looks spacious, open to our eyes. The furniture used in this type of style is eye-catching and simple in shape. Use of leather sofas and leather armchairs helps in comfort and simplicity. Use of accent colours like dark gray makes the space more interesting and balanced in nature. The use of the right combination of furniture pieces and materials helps the space look fresh and casual. There is no use of over-detailed furniture pieces and carvings on the door.

Modern Style

Living room layouts -

L-shaped layout

Attached outdoor deck

Console table to divide two different areas

Central configuration

Corner configuration

Huge ! U shaped sofa

Step by step design process -

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Thanks for reading :)

- 07Sketches

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1 Comment
Aug 27, 2023

Amazing read for anyone wanting to put together a crib! Thanks a lot for this @07 Sketches !

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